Immune Cells Anti-aging

Anti-aging function of immune cells

Immune cell therapy collects immune cells in the human body to culture them in vitro and make them increased in geometric times with strong targeting effect, and then these cells shall be re-injected into the human body to kill causative agents, cancer cells, as well as cells with the mutation within blood and tissues, break through immune tolerance, as well as activate and strengthen immunity of the organism; it has dual effects of treatment and health care. Immune cell therapy was listed as one of the ten scientific breakthroughs in Science in 2013. Human body aging is closely related to the degradation of immune system function and system disturbance; with the increase of age, the immune system function degrades gradually, thus leading to the reduction of the defense function of the organism, the infection of the organism, as well as tumor and other diseases. The immune system has immune defense, immunological surveillance, and immune self-stabilization functions, can protect the organism from being attacked by external pathogenic microorganism, eliminate aging and malignant cells, as well as maintain the homeostasis within the organism; functional effect of immune cells are closely related to their aging degree. Culturing vast autoimmune cells for targeted supplement, regulation and control shall activate functions of aging cells, improve cellviability, boost immunity of t h e human body, prevent and delay cytopathic effect, comprehensively eliminate the aging and degenerative cells, and recover all system functions and health of cells in all tissues and organs, thus curing diseases, enabling the organism to resist aging and keep itself young. Autoimmune cells mainly include NK cell, M-cell, LAK cell, DC cell, CIK cell, DC-CIK cell, NK-DC-CIK cell, etc.

Main functions:

1. Utilize the complementarity of cell functions to achieve the dual effects of prevention and cure; it shall not only prevent serious diseases, but also improve immunity of the organism, and recover young blood.
2. It has the functions of immunoregulation, antianaphylaxis, antiviral, killing aberrant cells, preventing cytopathic effect, repairing body cells, improving self-cure ability of organism, and promoting the health of organism.
3. It has the functions of antitumous effect, anti-infection and anti-recurrence; it has good effect on recovering organism immune of malignant tumor patients after operation and chemoradiotherapy; it shall reduce the toxic and side effect of chemoradiotherapy, enhance the therapeutic effect, as well as prevent recurrence and metastasis.
4. It has the functions of improving skin luster and elasticity, lightening black spots, and reducing wrinkles, thus making the organism younger.
5. It has the functions of strengthening physical stamina and energy, promoting metabolism, keeping healthy and delaying aging, as well as recovering the body health of people who have been in sub-health status for a long time

Maintenance of liver

NK cell is short for Natural Killer cell. It is the core cell of t h e congenital immunity system, and the third major lymphocyte discovered after the discovery of the T cell and B cell. NK cell is a large granular lymphocyte that is different with T and B lymphocyte; it has large azurophilic granules and unique phenotype; it has functions of identifying dissolving cancer cells and virus infected cells, generating immunoregulatory cell factors, as well as strong lethality to cancer cells and virus infected cells; it is an important immunoregulatory cell for t h e human body to resist infection and prevent vicious transformation of cells, as well as the “natural enemy” of various types of hepatitis virus, and the hepatic lesion, cirrhosis, liver cancer, etc., caused by drugs and ethyl alcohol; it can activate the vitality of various enzymes in liver, reduce liver pressure, facilitate liver metabolism, eliminate blood poison in liver, resist virus infection and tumor, as well as boost the immunologic functions of liver.