Natural Medicine Anti-aging

Natural Medicine Anti-aging

Natural medicine doesn’t mean traditional Chinese medicine, nor does it mean folk therapy, it is a branch of orthodox medicine with a long history. The medicine that Europe and America have used for thousands of years refers to natural medicine. It is a science that cures the origin of the disease, and an art and knowledge that clears health disorders in the healing process, and it promotes the quality of life by enhancing the overall health of the patient.

In line with non-invasive, safe and sound medical treatment idea, natural medicine helps the human body to relax pressure, improve circulation, eliminate toxins, increase nutrition, and maximize the innate self-healing ability of the human body, and it fundamentally solves human diseases and non healthy problems, slows down aging from the angle of the whole person (body, mind, spirit). Aiming at chronic disease, degenerative disease and non health status, natural medicine can provide a very good health care combination, which includes removing foreign bodies in the blood vessel, lowering blood pressure, removing heavy metals, adjusting endocrine, enhancing the immune system function, correcting the potential imbalance, and so on.

The anti-aging methods of natural medicine mainly include: ozone therapy, chelation therapy, pain therapy, homeopathy, anticancer therapy, holistic anti-aging therapy, and so on.

1. Ozone is an energy form of oxygen, and it promotes the transfer of oxygen molecules to the cell. It can stimulate the immune system, improve energy, fight infection and cure wounds. It is very effective for the treatment of chronic viral infections, such as herpes, hepatitis, etc, cancer cells usually grow in anaerobic condition, so ozone is very helpful for the treatment of cancer.
2. Chelation therapy is a kind of detoxification therapy, chelating agent removes heavy metals and toxic substances from the body through intravenous drip drugs, and it has a good effect on cardiovascular disease and heavy metal poisoning.

3. Pain therapy is a kind of nonsurgical therapy that reconstructs ligaments and repairs joints, it directly injects ozone and other nutrients (vitamins, autologous growth factors, etc) into the diseased part, and it is a good treatment for many different types of chronic pain, soft tissue injury and degenerative lumbar disc.

4. Anticancer therapy is a kind of integration therapy that integrates the infusion of ozone, glutathione, antioxidant, lipoic acid, and supplements all kinds of vitamins / minerals / amino acids, placenta, ginseng essence, etc, and it helps the body to enhance immunity, eliminate toxins, regulate acid-base balance, and enhance the overall disease-resistant, cancer fighting ability.

5. Holistic anti-aging therapy enhances the overall health of the body, slows down aging by regulating endocrine, regulating hormone levels, regulating metabolic function, regulating intestinal function, regulating body balance, as well as emotional balance of homeopathy, etc.