Stem Cells Anti-aging

Brief introduction to anti-aging function of stem cells

(systematic anti-aging) (local anti-aging) (systematic + local anti-aging)

Cells are basic units of constituting a human body. The basic reasons for human body aging are that the cell aging and apoptosis, as well as the degradation of cells quantity and functions. With the increase of age and accumulation of various kinds of malignant environmental factors, the proliferation and differentiation functions of the stem cells with the body degrade, the regenerative cells supplement is insufficient, the aging cells cannot be replaced in time and shall degrade all system functions of human body, thus leading to the aging status of the whole or appearance, namely, stem cells – the source of aging are insufficient; therefore, supplementing the quantity and functions of stem cells specifically, regenerating stem cell viability, and improving the metabolic function of cells and organs are fundamental to the anti-aging of stem cells. Furthermore, the survival of stem cells in human bodies is long-term effective. (Photo of stem cells)

How does mesenchymal stem cell work in anti-aging?:

among multiple cells, stem cell is the “seed cell” for upgrading of all cells, and the “progenitor cell” of all cells that form the human body; stem cell not only differentiate and regenerate different kinds of cells, replace and repair senescent and scathing tissues and organs, but also continuously secrete growth factors and immunomodulatory factors that are necessary for human bodies, as well as activate the regeneration function of human bodies directly. Stem cell has the homing function, just like a bird knows how to return home, can move to targeting tissues automatically, as well as repair the scathing and senescent tissues and organs of human bodies. (Photo of mesenchymal stem cell)

Anti-aging function of mesenchymal stem cell:

Mesenchymal stem cell is an important member of stem cell family, belongs to pluripotent stem cell in mesoblast, mainly exists in the connective tissue and mesenchyme of human bodies, as well as has strong multiplication capacity and multipotent differentiation potential. The mesenchymal stem cell we use comes from self adipose tissue, a convenience source, and it does not have hypersensitivity orimmunological rejection phenomenon. Stem cell transplantation is the most core technology for regenerative medicine. It can breed and younger “breed cell” through separating stem cells, culturing in vitro, and proliferating brand new stem cells; it is an unparalleled technology of repairing tissues and organs caused by senescence and lesion compared with traditional method.

Anti-aging function of self adipo-desmohemoblast stem cells

– omnipotent cell therapy for being rejuvenescent:

Anti-aging with self adipo-desmohemoblast stem cells is a high-efficient and cutting-edge technology; It can be widely applied to all kinds of fields, such as clinic treatment of diseases, as well as health care and anti-aging, due its powerful replication ability and differentiation potential, achieve anti-aging of all organs, improve the overall beauty and health of bodies, as well as open up a epoch-making revolution of life sciences.

Systematic anti-aging

Re-inject cultured self adipo-desmohemoblast stem cells back into human bodies through venous re-transfusion so as to re-activate vitality of all kinds of cells, adjust the immunity of organisms, and enhance all system functions of organism; it can widely repair and replace the atrophic and degraded tissues, organs and cells with its homing function, continuously secrete growth factors/immunomodulatory factors that are necessary for the human body, and activate the self-healing and regeneration functions of cells, tissues and organs in human bodies directly; meanwhile, it can also secrete many trophic factors, thus playing the overall anti-aging function of the organism.

It has the following main manifestations:

1. Enhance the immunity, dispel fatigue, and make the organism full of energy.
2. Improve sleep and memory.
3. Make the muscle compact, the skin compact and elastic, and release the soreness, weakness and pain of the waist and knees.
4. Increase hair, and change white hair into black.
5. Change the blood fat, blood sugar, blood pressure, and other physical indexes.
6. Improve metabolic efficiency, redistribute fat, and recover the youthful appearance of the organism.
7. Comprehensively promote functions of the human body, improve the degradation status of the human body, and keep the young blood of the organism.

Local anti-aging

Face: inject self adipo-desmohemoblast stem cells into wrinkles caused by collagenous fiber deformation and breakage with the microneedle injection method so as to comprehensively supplement the phagocyte and collagenous fiber cells differentiated to the skin base layer by self adipo-desmohemoblast stem cells, phagocytose pigments to eliminate colored patches, increase collagen secretion, change skin elasticity, as well as repair, activate, strengthen, and regenerate new cells to replace the aging ones, thus facilitating the appearance of youthful luster in the face. The application of self adipo-desmohemoblast stem cell in cosmetology has made up for defects and deficiencies of previous repair and reconstruction methods. Since being injected into target spots, self adipo-desmohemoblast stem cells are differentiated into a part of tissues themselves and integrated with the whole organism; there shall be no allogeneic cells, or other side effects, such as rejection, induration, unevenness, etc., of allograft materials; hence, they shall keep the effect of nature beauty for long.

Main functions are reflected as follows:

1. The skin becomes smooth; the complexion is white touched with red, as well as white and bright.
2. Colored patches on faces become light or even vanish.
3. The skin of the face becomes compact and elastic, and wrinkles reduce.
4. Improve the hollow and swell on face.
5. Repair facial nerve paralysis.

Systematic + local anti-aging

It integrates venous re-transfusion and facial injection to solve the aging problem fundamentally. As time goes, aging is approaching to us silently; cells are aging and lose vitality, thus causing illness; hence, anti-aging and improving the quality of life are instant life lessons for us. Self adipo-desmohemoblast stem cells are sources of anti-aging and “recovering one’s youthful vigor”, decode aging course fundamentally, regenerate youth vigor of body function, achieve anti-aging of all organs from insideout, and improve the overall beauty and health of bodies.

Suitable for:

1. People who want to prevent aging, require high-quality life, wish to maintain their bodies and there faces to look younger;
2. Highly-stressed People who are faced with high pressure and work strain;
3. People who are prematurely senile: these people have aging organism, lack vitality, are easily tired, and have aging organ function, etc.
4. People with degradation of cardiovascular system function, such as arteriosclerosis, aging, coronary arteriosclerosis, stenosis, hypertension, etc.
5. People with degradation of visceral organ function, such as degradation of heart, liver, lungs, kidney, intestines and stomach, etc.
6. People with degradation of bone system, such as rarefaction of bone, hyperosteogeny, bone Joint degeneration, arthrophlogosis, degradation of muscle, ligament and tendon functions, as well as reduction of movable and activity functions, etc.
7. People with following diseases: stable phase of chronic disease (excluding malignant tumor), such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, coronary disease, cirrhosis, apoplexy, post-operation; attacking stage of nervous system impairment or disease and other acute diseases, such as myocardial infarction, cerebral apoplexy, etc; as well as autoimmune diseases, such as lupus erythematosus, Diabetes I, etc.